The Barbell Mafia is an organization composed of individuals committed to the pursuit of Success.


 The word “Barbell” serves as a constant reminder that we must always be training ourselves to achieve forward progression; whether it be in the physical aspect of bigger, faster and stronger, or the mental aspect through Knowledge, and Wisdom.


The word “Mafia“, derived from the Italian word Mafiosi (meaning “this thing of ours”), not only recognizes the group dynamic, but also serves as both a statement and a warning that we will succeed by “any means necessary”.

Through Education, Self-Discipline, and an unbreakable Resolve, we will reject that which dictates the Status Quo. We will bring back Individualism through Action; Mafia Style.


Their first mistake was thinking they needed our permission.

Their last mistake was thinking they needed our approval.

What is the Barbell Mafia?

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You don't get much done if you only do work on the days you feel like it.

Everyone says you should do this or be like that. I say fuck that. Do your own thing and rule like a God.